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yoga burn

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Weight loss and maintenance of quality health is made easier with Yoga Burn For Women. This program provides a systematic plan to help you lose weight in a safe and healthy pattern.This is a workout program designed specifically for women. Yoga Burn For Women challenges you to be better and prepares you for greater results.Unlike other Yoga and workout programs created by men, this program is created by a woman and its designed to help women access quality Yoga/workout exercise with limited effort.

In this program, you’ll learn how to strengthen your muscles and also the basics for all essential body movements. The instructional videos can either be accessed online or through a physical copy of the instructional manuals.Yoga Burn for Women is a safe program and it increases your chances of success through a progressive increase in the level of the workout pattern. This is a suitable program for all women, ranging from single ladies to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Yoga Burn for Women is a progressive workout plan that utilizes the Dynamic Sequence Technique. Dynamic Sequencing is an exceptional Yoga model that will help you learn the precise and accurate poses, time length, and help you go through the workout process from the initial stage to the ending.This process is also self-motivating as it will help you build a more desirable feminine body and beautiful shape. The Yoga Burn for Women is comprised of three phases and each of the phases has a duration of four weeks, designed to help you build a better body and shape with minimal effort.

About Author

Zeo Bray, the creator of Yoga Burn for Women, is a licensed personal trainer, licensed yoga instructor, and female body building expert. She specializes in teaching women yoga relaxation techniques and body improvement/development principles. As a personal trainer, she has worked one-on-one with her clients to help them build their bodies and develop better body physique.Zeo developed Yoga Burn for Women with the sole purpose of helping women have access to quality Yoga programs, making them develop a better female body.

In this program, Zeo provides samples of various yoga workouts such as Wide leg forward fold pose and Dancer balance pose. This program is to help you progressively develop your workout resistance without the use of drugs, supplements, and other traditional medical techniques.

As a female trainer, Zeo saw the deficiency of the various yoga workout plans and their inability to properly develop the female body. Yoga Burn for Women offers great value to inexperienced individuals and those who are fully into yoga. This classic workout plan is a 12-week program that is suitable for the development of the female muscles and for the reduction of excess body fats within a short period of time.

yoga burn

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What Is Yoga Burn for Women

Yoga Burn for Women is designed with the sole purpose of helping women utilize effective yoga principles to build their bodies, regain an attractive body shape and ultimately improve their body physique. To ensure effectiveness and proper results, this program is a three phase workout plan. These phases include Foundational flow phase, Transitioned flow phase and the Mastery flow phase.

  • Foundational Flow phase. In this phase, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of yoga. This phase is designed for beginners starting out the program and its meant to prepare you for the entire program as different yoga workout techniques are introduced to help build you up for greater challenges during the program.

Regardless of your experience in yoga, this phase will prepare you and minor results are noticed.

  • Transitional Flow phase. The second phase of Yoga Burn for Women comprises of an introduction video and new workout techniques. This is a transition phase where you’re taught how to link the yoga moves introduced in the foundational flow phase to develop an effective sequence. The amalgamation of the various moves will help you enhance your mode, lower your stress levels and ultimately improve your Yoga performance.

The transitional phase will also build your muscles and also make you develop a proper shape.

  • Mastery Flow phase. This is the elite phase. It’s a combination of the techniques learned in foundational flow and transition flow phase. More advanced poses will be developed causing your body to be shaped in a suitable manner as your metabolism is increased and your feminine shape properly developed.

The three phases in Yoga Burn for Women is properly fine-tuned to help women regain their feminine shape and nature by using an easy step by step guideline.Each of the phases contains three workouts tailored for your specific need. There is a duration of four weeks for each phase and all three workouts are designed to be finished in a week.The workouts outlined in this program are effective and constant repetition is a guaranteed way of achieving success. Unlike other Yoga programs that increase the cortisol level (cortisol is a hormone responsible for stress and weight gain), Yoga Burn for Women reduces the stress level and burns off body fat.

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This is a classic yoga program specifically designed to suit the female physiology. In this program, a video format is provided to help you follow an easy step by step guideline, directing you through the various phases.Both beginners and those who are experienced in yoga can enhance their techniques through Yoga Burn for Women.

yoga burn


Benefits of Yoga Burn for Women

This is the ultimate Yoga guide for women. Yoga Burn for Women gives you amazing benefits such as.

  • Specificity. Unlike other programs, Yoga Burn for Women is specific and its tailored to meet the feminine need.
  • Fat reduction and relaxation enhancement. You’ll learn proven techniques to help you burn off fat and improve your overall shape.
  • Dynamic Sequence enhancement. In this program, you’ll achieve your desired goal through a series of defined routines that are properly patterned, leading to the development of an effective Dynamic Sequence technique.
  • Easy to follow instructions. Comprehensive techniques are outlined in a simple language.
  • Effective Weight Loss techniques are thoroughly explained in the program.
  • This is a program that will help you increase your body’s metabolism, make you healthier and improves your state of mind.
  • The program increases your chances of achieving your desired result within a short period of time.
  • Convenience and Compatibility. The workouts can be done in the comfort of your home. A one-time payment is done and there are no extra charges.
  • Success Guarantee. Due to the effectiveness of the program, you’ll be able to access this classic Yoga training courses on a risk-free basis. You’ll get a full refund of your money within 60 days of purchase.


Yoga Burn for Women is the ultimate tool designed to help women build an attractive body, develop good muscles and improve their overall health and appearance.This 12-week program is recommended for women of all ages and for ladies aiming to be physically and psychologically better. Thousands of individuals have benefited from Yoga Burn for Women and its guaranteed to help you build a desired body and improve your overall shape and well-being.