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Venus Factor Xtreme

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Venus Factor Xtreme is the new entrant in women’s weight loss regimens. This program promises to help women realize their ideal body shapes and get their desired weights. Surprisingly, it intends to do this without subjecting the user to forced fasts, strict meal plans and diets, and ridiculous exercises.

Not mentioning, Venus Factor Xtreme states that the user should be able to realize her goals in utmost 12 weeks. Heck, that’s so fast! So could this be true? Are all these raves and positive reviews about it legit?

If you are among those seeking for answers to these and other questions, join us as we rip this program to its bare bones.

About the author

John Barban is the brain behind this weight loss and shape-up program. In my opinion, one of the reasons why you need to, at least, try out this program is because it’s designed by a nutritionist and fitness expert. John holds a masters degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph.

Career-wise, John Barban has worked as a lecturer in University of Florida’s Health and Human Performance department. He also has lots of experience in dietary and sports supplements. Besides working IN R&D, this guy also offers consultation services for companies that develop supplement products.

Not mentioning, John is also a writer in the fitness and nutrition niche. He has several books to his name that are currently creating a good buzz in the fitness niche.

What is this Venus Factor Xtreme?

Venus Factor Xtreme is a weight loss program that is ideally meant for women. You see, men and women are naturally different in the way their bodies manage fats. The woman’s body is genetically designed to store more fat than that of man. Though women tend not to take this positively- obviously because excess fat doesn’t look so good in jeans- it’s for a few good reasons. The main reason is that the woman’s body is always prepared to support a pregnancy.

However, women don’t nurture pregnancies forever. So there’s that need for fitting and looking great in their clothes. That’s where the need for shedding the extra fat and water held around the belly comes in. This is the reason why more women are hunting for the best ways to shed off some calories than men today.

Most women will pay anything for a program that would help them lose all the fat around their waistline. Unfortunately, they don’t want programs that will give them a ride through hell or be so restrictive on their favorite meals. Isn’t that true, ladies?

Venus Factor Xtreme

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But do such plans exist? Heck, YEAH! Unfortunately, most of these programs have turned out to be scams. Dieting has also not been so fruitful, and neither do exercises help much given our ever busy schedules.

Fortunately, thanks to John Barban, there’s one program that proves to be the best shot for your desired body shape and weight.

Venus Factor Xtreme is a simple weight loss program that has been specially designed for women. And the reason behind this is that women metabolize fats in a different way than men. This principle alone gives the VFX program quite a good edge against its competitors.

With twice as many leptons (fat hormones) as men, John Barban believes that it’s important to view women’s weight loss needs differently. That’s quite thoughtful and interesting.

Venus Factor Xtreme does not stop there. It moves forward to view each woman’s weight loss needs from a different perspective from others. Therefore, this program uses diet and exercise strategies that have been tailored to suit a specific person depending on her individual lifestyle, preferences, schedule, exercise capabilities, and preferences.

How does the Venus Factor Xtreme Work?

The VFX consists of 4 parts;

Custom nutritional software- this software takes into consideration your current body and weight condition and weight loss goals. It goes ahead to recommend the amount of calories that you should take on daily and weekly basis.

Nutrition Manual- the Nutrition manual factors in your budget and taste preferences to come up with customized meal plans for you.

Work out videos- one thing that puts Venus Factor Xtreme in its league is the amount of effort that John has put to ensure that every user benefits from this program. VFX features 140+ workout videos embedded in it. These exercises are simple and easy to follow. They are designed to speed up your body’s metabolism which will cause the shedding of fats.

Immersion- what’s good than being in a team of other women who are also using this program to achieve their weight goals? In fact, the VFX program does not only allow you to join a community of other like-minded users. You also get an accountability partner to keep you on your toes regarding achieving your goals. You’ll also be able to ask questions here and talk about some challenges that you may be facing when using the VFX.

Venus Factor Xtreme

Benefits of the VFX Program

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It’s bound to work since it’s specially tailored for women

The major reason why we highly recommend Venus Factor Xtreme is that it targets women. The author has taken into account the modern woman’s preferences, schedule, and demands which contribute to its success.

No gym subscription required

VFX uses customized meal plans and easy exercises that you can carry out without paying for a gym.

Lose weight quickly and in a healthy way

The sweet spot about Venus Factor Xtreme is that it follows a strategic caloric restriction that consistently promotes healthy weight loss. In addition, John has included lots of tips on how you can maintain your weight.

It’s natural and safe

Unlike other competitor programs, Venus Factor Xtreme uses all-natural techniques to guide you in your weight loss mission.


John Barban’s VFX weight loss plan is one of the best programs for women out there. Besides having been authored by a fitness and nutritionist expert, this program is safe and extremely easy to follow. The best part is that it’s designed for women. Moreover, John is easy to reach via his email and responds promptly to his client’s weight loss queries.

Are you feeling a bit skeptical about investing in this program? Don’t worry. Venus Factor Xtreme is backed up by a worthwhile 2-month guarantee.