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tesla code secrets

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Tesla Code Secrets is a tested and verified program. It will help you open the doors of financial success, freedom, health, relationships, and much more. While it isn’t another ‘get rich quick’ scheme, this book puts it clear that success doesn’t always have to be so hard to achieve. Tesla Code Secrets states that all you need is to change your normal way of thinking and to see things. It’s about unleashing the potential in you and fanning the little flame of greatness inside you.

Tesla Code Secrets will help you understand that you have a superior connection to the world around you. Alex West, the author, points out that you can tweak the universal powers to work things out in your favor. You only need to know how.

But wait. Does this mean that Tesla Code Secrets is a new version of the Laws of Attraction and such like B.S? No. So, what is it? To understand this book better, let’s understand how it came to be in the first place. But let’s meet the author first.

About Alex West

Alex West is a renowned writer with several great books to his name. Besides Tesla Code Secrets, this author is the brain behind Anything but Real which is a standalone gay romantic comedy. He is also the author of Watch Me which is the first book in Hart Boys Series.

tesla code secrets

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About the Book: How Tesla Code Secrets came to be

Tesla Code Secrets is named after the famous Serbian-American physicist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. In case you’ve not heard about him (which I doubt), Nikola Tesla is famous for his numerous inventions including the induction motor, 3-phase electric power supply systems, remote control, Tesla coil, wireless telegram, the light bulb, and the alternating current (AC). Do these inventions ring some bells? They must have. These are the most fundamental inventions to our life today.

Well, a man with such great ideas to his name must have had some great secrets in life. How was he able to invent the exact things that have become the major tenets of the modern world? He surely must have had a mysterious connection to a higher power. And, in fact, that’s exactly what he says.

Asked about his successful inventions, Nikola Tesla explained that there exists a core in the universe from which he obtained inspiration, strength, and knowledge through his brain.

Importantly, this is the pivot point on which Alex West builds Tesla Code Secrets. Quoting Nikola Tesla, Alex states that, we can use our brain to tap inspiration, knowledge, and strength from the core and use it to achieve our desires.

However, to achieve this, Tesla Code Secrets explains that you need to activate the cerebral powers in your mind. Actually, Alex refers to these powers as ‘’Miracle Mind Magic Simulator.’’ Its essence is to help you have the right mindset and behavioral pattern that will help you look at things from another angle different from others. He goes on to explain that most of the successful people around the world use these cerebral powers to make their dreams real.

In support of this ideology, Alex West brings the concept of the Double Slit Experiment on board. Simply worded, this experiment involves putting a source of light (let’s say a flashlight) in front of an opaque barrier with 2 openings. The light that goes through is then recorded on another screen placed behind the one with slits. The results obtained on the back screen shows beams of light that have been literally split. But in Quantum Mechanics, photons (light) are indivisible.

So what does Tesla Code Secrets try to illustrate here? What Alex tries to mean is that our mind is connected to the universe. We have the abilities to go beyond what reality dictates and bend the rules to create our own success story. He says that you can use your conscious mind to obtain knowledge from the universe and use it to come up with something new. In simpler terms, you have the potential to see what you desire and use your cerebral powers to obtain your those results.

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Well, this is not a thing that you just wake up and do. Alex West understands that you need a hand here. That’s where Tesla Code Secrets come in.

tesla code secrets

How Tesla Code Secrets program works

Tesla Code Secrets work on your conscious and subconscious mind. It aims at changing your ideas and the way that you perceive things. This program will go ahead to help you understand and have full control of your thoughts, emotions, and responses to situations.

Tesla Code Secrets ebook does not stop at that. It goes ahead to explain how you can easily tap into the universe’s knowledge and strength bank and manipulate these resources to your own benefits. It will help you be open to ideas and dreams and also shows how you can ignite the ideas into real stories that will bring change to your world.

This ebook is divided into 18 lessons. Worth noting, it has been written and explained in the easiest way possible. The lessons can be completed in 1 or 6 months depending on your normal schedule. You can opt to spare a little over an hour daily and read the ebook where you’ll be through in a month’s time. For those with less time to spare of their schedule, Tesla Code Secrets has been written in 10-minute lessons for you. Luckily, this program is available in ebook form so you can read it from anywhere.

What Benefits Do You Reap from this Book?

  • Give you a clear perception of your goals and help you focus on them
  • Will give you the strength to hold on to your goals without losing hope
  • Enable you to think clearly
  • Strengthen you in the midst of other peoples influences
  • Touches on all aspects that touch your life; finances, relationship, career advancement, and marriage

Tesla Code Secrets: Pros

  • It’s downloadable and easy to carry with you
  • Easy to understand
  • Can be read in a month or 6 months depending on your schedule
  • Touches on all tenets of life: finances, marriage, intellectual advancement, and growth
  • It’s affordable


  • The major issue that we have against the Tesla Code secrets is that it’s only available as an ebook. For a hardcopy, you’ll have to print the contents at your expense.

Round Up

Tesla Code Secrets program is your best shot if you want to lead a successful life, career, marriage, and relationships. One thing that we like about this program is that it does not promise to turn you into a millionaire in a day or two. In fact, it does not talk about some magic ways to mint money.

Rather it creates the right mindset in you to attract success. It also gives you a special skill that enables you to tap knowledge and strength from the core and show you how you can use the 2 to obtain what you want.

Importantly, Tesla Code Secrets is a risk-free investment. Alex West puts it clear that you’ll get a full refund if you don’t experience any benefits in the first 2 months.