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Survival MD is an excellently packaged life-saving kit. You need it in your disaster management kit if you are a serious prepper. You see, we live in a world where anything might happen at any time. With the ever rising cases of terror strikes, diseases, fights, and threats, you need to have a way of protecting and keeping yourself (plus your family) alive in any situation.

Well, I agree that we all have strategic measures in place for such happenings. These may include having an insurance cover and fitting your home with a rapid response security system. However, as the author of the Survival MD puts it, there are those few minutes between the occurrence of a disaster and the arrival of the expected emergency team that could be a matter of life and death. And if you think that our hospitals are in the best condition to tackle any given occurrence, Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu has an eye opener for you in their findings.

Robert Grey puts it in black and white that the American Medical System can’t be trusted especially in the case of a national disaster. In the Survival MD infomercial, Robert Grey says that the American Medical System can best be rated with a D-. To support his claims, he cites the aftermath of the disastrous Katrina Hurricane and the situation in which most of the hospitals and emergency response centers were in. Precisely, Rob points out the inadequate medical supplies and the overwhelmed healthcare providers as the major red flags in the system. He argues that the situation would have been worse were it a national disaster.

What Robert tries to suggest is that there is need to up our game regarding medicinal preparedness. This is one of the areas that most of us fail in our emergency survival plans.
On the official Survival MD website, Robert states that it is infections and diseases that cause most deaths when emergencies strike. He states that the death toll after the Katrina would have been much lower only if the Americans had adequate knowledge of preventing diseases and illnesses at a personal level. This is the basis on which the Survival MD book is written.

Meet the Authors

Robert Gray and Dr. Rudu Scurtu are the authors behind the Survival MD. However, the original idea is traced back to Robert Gray. As he puts it in the Survival MD infomercial, Robert (a mechanic) says that his father was among those who succumbed to Katrina aftermath. But what really ‘killed’ his father was not the lack of food, water, or shelter. In fact, his old man was healthy even after the disaster.

However, a few days later, his father started to get sicker and sicker. As any other worried person would have done, Robert rushed him to the ER. Unfortunately, they had to spend lots of nights on the cold floor with no one to attend to them since the healthcare providers attended those in critical conditions first. Eventually, Robert lost his father.

But what disturbed Robert was the discovery of what had led to his father’s demise; a small cut on his ankle. It’s from this cut that he had contracted the infection that took away his life. Apparently, it’s not the evils that the Hurricane brought that led to this death but something that would have been prevented without queuing at the emergency response center.

It’s for this reason that Robert embarked on an in-depth research of what could be done to prevent such occurrences in the future. However, with no strong medical backgrounds, Robert had to seek the help of a Romanian Surgeon- Dr. Radu Scurtu. That’s how Survival MD was born years later.

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What is Survival MD?

Survival MD is a 35-page book that aims at boosting your medicinal preparedness. Its main purpose is to help you cope with common infection and diseases even in the absence of medical practitioners. The sweet spot with this book is that it targets all people. Whether you are into medicine or not, Survival MD is a useful resource center for anyone. In fact, it’s advisable to have your teenagers read it too. The simple language used makes it easy to understand for readers of different levels.

Survival MD comprises of 18 chapters. While an avid reader can be through with the 35 pages in a matter of hours, the authors have split the information into 10-minute sessions per day. You’ll be over with the book in utmost 10 days if you follow this way of reading. The essence of reading the book in 10-minute bits is to make sure that you understand the contents and be able to put them in action when need be.

Here are the topics included in the Survival MD?

  • Why Prevention and Practice Make Sense
  • Specific Disease Preparedness
  • Dental Preparedness
  • Preparedness for Women: Sanitation and Hygiene
  • List of Medications to Stockpile
  • Buying Medical Response Kits
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Preparing for First Aid
  • Emergency Sanitation
  • What To Do When There Is No Doctor Around
  • Medical Emergency Protocol
  • Understanding CPR
  • Common Illnesses in a Crisis
  • 1Non Traumatic Illnesses
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Climate Specific Diseases
  • How to Survive Without Prescriptions
  • Prepper’s Medical Reading List

survival md

Why Survival MD

What makes Survival MD a cut above other emergency response books is that each of the topics is detailed and put in layman’s language. Among other topics that make it a killer book, Specific Disease Preparedness, list of drugs to stock, alternative medicine, medical emergency protocol are must-reads.

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We also like that Survival MD has information on how you can survive for weeks and even months when the doctor is unreachable. You’ll also be trained on how to escape alive even without prescriptions, to name but a few.

Any bonuses?

Sure! Survival MD also comes with another resourceful write-up ‘’How to live without Prescription Medication.’’ This book itself is worth every penny for people who live on pain killers and blood pressure drugs.


  • Has detailed medicinal information presented in understandable words
  • It’s holistic and captures any imaginable occurrence in a disaster
  • It teaches you how to diagnose and offer the correct medication depending on the diseases


So, is Survival MD a scum? NO! This book is like a crashed course on common diseases and illnesses, how to diagnose them correctly, and administer the right medicine. Additionally, Survival MD touches on how to deal with common injuries including bullet injuries and cuts. This will help in boosting your survival rates in any situation.

Even better, Survival MD is backed with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can order your copy, go through it and ship it back if you feel that it’s not worth your bucks- which I surely doubt.