Start Potty Training Review

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Start Potty Training

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Start Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline is one of the most efficient ways of helping your little one transition from diapers to the potty. Let’s just agree here. Moving from the diapers to an entirely foreign way of ‘handling’ poo and pee won’t be another walk in the park for the 2 of you.

Your kids are used to having it catered for by something around their waist- diaper. Being so young, they may not understand fully the reason they need to ‘commando’ on a bowl-like thing when they feel like releasing the clutch.

On the other hand, this course may be the hardest you’ve ever given (and especially if you have not potty trained another kid before). Yeah, to Start Potty Training is a real challenge that comes with tons of requirements without mentioning the dedication. This might even seem a tad hard for moms who are regularly on the move. This is because potty training isn’t a thing that you do for one day and postpone until further notice.

Unfortunately, at one time or another, you’ll have to take your child through it. There isn’t the best time to Start Potty Training. However, family experts give 2-2 ½ years as an approximate time. At this time, kids are cognitively aware of a few things that they can control and own up in their lives. These include eating, sleeping, and peeing or pooing. Importantly, your child will be starting school around this time. Quite obvious, you don’t want your child to have those little accidents and ‘embarrassments’ at school.

A few things that you’ll require to make this course successful are dedication, patience (you’ll need lots of this), little rewards, and a few tips and tricks. This is where Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training in 3 days comes in.

Is it possible for your kid to earn a certificate in potty usage in 3 days? Will this potty training program work for your child? How does it work? Is it a scam?

Find out in our review of the program below.

About the Author

Start Potty is a program by Carol Cline. Carol is an American mom with 4 children and a good child-minder. Besides being a writer on parenting issues, Carol Cline also offers parenting consultation at a fee. As she puts it on Start Potty Training in 3 days official website, she offers these consultations for up to 140 dollars. Fortunately, she does this for free for this program’s buyers only.

Start Potty Training

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About the Program

Start Potty Training is a 17-chapter ebook that helps your toddlers on how to use the potty in 3 days. As an answer to some of your questions, this book will train your child do almost everything independently including taking the pants down and up, peeing and pooing, and even emptying the T in the toilet.

That sounds too good to be true, right?

But it’s workable. Thousands of other moms and kids have used it. They are no longer paying for diapers. You could be next.

You can learn more about Start Potty Training from Carol’s website. Or continue reading on as we break down into the nitty-gritty of this program.

How Start Potty Training Program works

One thing that stands out in this program is Carol’s determination to see that you and your kid have an easy time with this potty course. The ebook is available in 3 versions

  • Videos
  • Audios and
  • PDF

All these versions can be downloaded and be viewed from an array of Smart devices and computers. As I did point out earlier, this course requires that you be there with the kid for at least 3 days. Among other things that you’ll need are a few oversized t-shirts for your potty pro-to-be, drinks, and rewards.

Start Potty Training

Among other things that you’ll learn here are;

Assuming that you are a first timer in giving out this course, you’ll certainly require a deeper insight on it, right? Upon opening this book, the first chapter will introduce you to detailed information on potty training. Here, you’ll learn;

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  • How potty training is carried out across the globe
  • The importance of early potty training and
  • Why American kids are potty trained at a later age than other kids

The second chapter in Start Potty Training touches on a very important issue: the correct age for potty training. Here, Carol discusses some myths surrounding this issue and offers some expert recommendation when coaching kids of different years and needs.

After identifying the correct age for this training, you’ll also learn the proper time to do it. You see potty training isn’t something that you can force your toddler into. The worst mistake that you’d ever make is to force your kid into it or turn it into a battleground.

So what signs tell you that your toddler is ready to deposit directly in the potty rather than in the diaper? Chapter 3 will tell you 9 signs to check out for to learn this.

The next 4 chapters talk about how to prepare yourself and your ‘student’ for the course and all that is required. All these chapters prepare you for Chapter 8 where the potty training commences.

Chapter 8 is a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the 3-day process. The rest of the book rotates around some of the experiences that the 2 of you will go through in the training, how you can make it easy for your kid and some other health issues.

Benefits of Start Potty Training in 3 Days program

  • It offers an easy transition from diapers to the potty in just 3 days
  • Available in 3 formats- video, audio and pdf for better understanding
  • Has detailed information but in a clear and understandable language
  • Eliminates the need for diapers
  • Requires minimum effort


Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training in 3 days is a superb way of coaching your kid on how to use the potty without much fuss. What we like about this program is that besides strengthening the bond between the trainer and the trainee, it makes learning easy and fun. The best part is the Start Potty Training will teach your 2-year kid how to use the potty day and night.

Do you fear to waste your money on a program that won’t benefit you and your kid in any way? You’ll be impressed to know that Start Potty Training comes with a 14-day, fuss-free, no questions asked full-refund guarantee.