Psoriasis Revolution Review

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Psoriasis Revolution

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Psoriasis Revolution is a program by Dan Crawford. It promises to bring your psoriasis condition to a halt within 4 weeks. Let’s agree on one thing up front. Psoriasis is one of the most dreaded skin disorders. Though I haven’t struggled with it, I’ve seen most people suffering silently from this malady. And it’s quite clear that treating it is proving somewhat impossible.

Seeing that most medically-proven retinoids, corticosteroids, calcineurin inhibitors, and immunomodulator drugs among other Psoriasis prescriptions don’t always help, there’s need to be extra cautious when one person claims to have a cure for this disease.

That’s why I had to purchase the ebook and navigate through all its nooks and crannies to verify whether it would work. Having gone through the program and though I don’t side with Crawford in a few of his remarks, I can strongly recommend Psoriasis Revolution to any sufferer.

About the author of Psoriasis Revolution

Psoriasis Revolution website states that Dan Crawford is a health consultant, medical researcher, and a nutritionist. Worth mentioning is that Dan is himself a chronic psoriasis sufferer and survivor. In fact, it’s this condition that led him to read all there is about psoriasis and later come up with the Psoriasis Revolution.

What is Psoriasis?

If you’ve suffered or you’re currently suffering from this disease, you know that it’s a baffling and irritating skin condition that can mess up your life for good. It’s characterized by red plaques that appear on the skin that later turn into white scales. Medical experts explain that this skin abnormally is caused when your skin cells multiply up to 10 times faster the normal rate.

Psoriasis is unpredictable. While it’s known to strike at between 15 and 30 years, there have been cases of children suffering from it and others being attacked at their 50s. Amongst other causes, medications, stress, and skin injuries are the most known culprits.

Psoriasis displays a myriad of characteristics depending on the specific type that you have;

Psoriasis Revolution

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Plaque Psoriasis

It’s the most common. It comprises of plaques of red often covered by loose, silvery scales. It can at times be very painful when these lesions crack and bleed.

Pustular Psoriasis

Red and scaly skin forms on the hands and feet

Inverse psoriasis

These are bright red lesions that mostly inhabit skin folds including armpits, under the breasts and groin area.

Guttate Psoriasis

This mainly occurs in children and young adults. It appears in the form of red spots on the limbs and torso.

Can Psoriasis be cured?

Well, there isn’t a known cure for psoriasis in medicinal world. However, over the last few decades, tremendous efforts have been put in finding possible treatments to either cure or treat psoriasis. From the reports gathered from sufferers, only a few of them seem to work. And even when they do, the body gains resistance the prescriptions with time and the conditions resurface again.

This is the impetus behind the invention of the Psoriasis Revolution. So how does Dan Crawford’s Psoriasis Revolution program tackle this problem once and for all? Is it a surefire remedy or a quack from another snake-oil salesman? Find out this in our Psoriasis Revolution review below.

About Psoriasis Revolution

Psoriasis Revolution is a 220-page downloadable ebook. Dan Crawford states that Psoriasis Revolution is a holistic step-by-step guide to freeing yourself from Psoriasis remotely.

Psoriasis Revolution has been written in pure English with no medical jargons to confuse you. It involves well-laid out instructions and has also employed clear diagrams to help you understand better.

How much does it cost?

Psoriasis Revolution sells at $97. However, it’s currently on a retail promotion and can be purchased at only 47 dollars (when writing this). This is just a fraction of what you’ve probably spent on creams and tablets so far.

The sweet spot with Psoriasis Revolution is that you’ll no longer have to move from one doctor to another seeking for treatment. This program offers you a remedy to deal with a well-guided remedy to deal with psoriasis right at home.

Psoriasis Revolution

What you’ll learn in Psoriasis Revolution

Psoriasis Revolution is a 7-step guide on how you can treat psoriasis at home. In this ebook, you’ll learn about;

  • Foods that make your Psoriasis condition worse
  • Foods that can make it easy to treat psoriasis
  • How to eliminate psoriasis symptoms using home ingredients in around 3 hours
  • How to ease the irritation that psoriasis causes
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Benefits of Psoriasis Revolution- How does it work?

While most health experts claim that there is no known cure for Psoriasis, Dan Crawford thinks otherwise. He states that this disease can be cured at home without spending fortunes on a bevy of drugs.

He states that the way to treating Psoriasis is by approaching it holistically rather than dealing with the topical symptoms. Among other things, Psoriasis Revolution;

  • Safely treats psoriasis without leaving any side effects
  • Sheds off red and inflamed itchy skin around your joints in utmost 7 days
  • It heals your damaged internal organs
  • Corrects hair and other hormonal-disorder-related issues caused by chronic psoriasis
  • Fights depressions and mood swings
  • Gives you a young-looking skin that feels healthier, lighter and energetic

Why should you try Psoriasis Revolution?


There are several reasons why you should try Psoriasis Revolution. First, this book has been written by a chronic psoriasis sufferer. So it’s safe to guess that he understands all that other sufferers go through.

Secondly, Psoriasis Revolution has been written in simple language that is able to understand. It also includes diagrams to make you understand clearly.

In addition, Psoriasis Revolution has an interactive writing tone, and it’s easy to follow.

Sure! Psoriasis Revolution also comes with a bevy of ebooks on how to deal with psoriasis.

But one of the most impressive features about Psoriasis Revolution is that it can be used to treat all the 5 known types of psoriasis. Even better, this program has been designed in a way that makes it easy to customize it to your own condition.

What we don’t like about it

We believe that Psoriasis Revolution can still work without all the stuffing content that Dan Crawford has tucked in the 220 pages. If you don’t fancy reading huge books, this could put you off from the word go. Luckily, the tone is interactive and more of a one-on-one guide.


If you’ve tried all other known psoriasis treatment with no success, Psoriasis Revolution could be the only remedy that you need. This book is affordable (at least for now) and seems to be a sure way of treating Psoriasis condition.