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Paleohacks Cookbooks

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Paleohacks Cookbooks program is hands down, the best guide to the caveman’s diet. Have you ever wondered how the early man managed to be so agile, so athletic and versatile? Let’s face it. These folks had no fitness clubs (Did they even know what keeping fit is?!) or the slightest clue about diet and nutrition.

Nevertheless, they were so healthy and strong. Mind you, their agility was not only manifested in their physical strength but in their thinking too. They were tactical and quite intelligent in their daily lives.

But millions of years later, where do the ‘modern man and woman’ find themselves? In a bid to distance ourselves from our seemingly ‘so-traditional’ ancestors, we’ve become the most unlucky beings who ever walked on earth. What happened? Where did our overweight bodies come from? Where did stress and all these diseases (cancer, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and blood pressure, to name but a few) emerge from? Who ever thought that obesity would one day be officially classified as a disease? Jeez!

According to the Missing Human Manual, it’s our modern way of eating that has largely contributed to our misfortunes. It states that human beings were evolutionary supposed to remain healthy, strong, and active till they dropped dead. But why don’t we live this way? The answer: Modern Foods. It’s today’s diet that has taken away the naturalness and vitality out of eating.

In return, the modern approach to diet has left us ill. It has brought the need to be extremely vigilant on the amount of calories and fats that go in our food and maximize on carbs. Life was never meant to be this way. In fact, this approach to diet is not only abnormal but also so expensive and cumbersome to stick to. Resultantly, we become helpless over our weight, image, and health. We continue being the stressed up, beaten up, and restless beings we’ve always been.

So what’s the way out of all this mess? We need to go back to the paleo diet as the Paleohacks Cookbooks put it. The evolutionary past designed our genes to be compatible with the hunter-gatherer diet. This is a sure way of being energetic and strong. And it’s amazingly easy to cope with and quite inexpensive. The paleo diet is based on one commandment: Thou shall only eat what the early man ate. And that is what the Paleohacks Cookbooks program brings.

So what is in these Paleohacks Cookbooks? Are they worth your bucks? Are the Paleohacks Cookbooks a scum? Let’s dig in and discover.

About Paleohacks Cookbooks Authors

The Paleohacks Cookbooks isn’t the work of a single person. There are several paleo diet enthusiasts behind it. No wonder it’s so comprehensive, detailed, and holistic. The Paleohacks Cookbooks team and community is experienced in matters of healthy diet. They have come up with numerous recipes on all categories of foods to make your transition to paleo diet easy and fun.

Paleohacks Cookbooks

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About Paleohacks Cookbooks

The paleohacks Cookbooks is a downloadable program with lots of health-oriented old-fashion recipes. The thing this paleo diet book is that it’s meant to make eating healthy incredibly simple even for the poorest cooks.

So will you be restricted to fruits and grains only? NO.

You see the problem that most of us face when we think of trying out a paleo diet is the lack of ideas. Not once have we caught ourselves stranded on what to have for lunch or dinner, even in our everyday unrestricted diets. So how hard would it be for a paleo diet!

The Paleohacks Cookbooks team understands this better. Resultantly, they have compiled a list of close to 300 recipes. So you never have to think about what to eat for almost a year. Cooking has never been this easy.

Paleohacks Cookbooks is a compilation of 7 downloadable programs. The ebooks cover everything you need to know about a paleo diet. It’s like a crash course on a paleo diet. So you’ll be a paleo pro at home without paying for or attending any cooking lessons.

What past users like about this caveman diet book is that it’s not entirely restrictive on all the types of food that you enjoy. It, however, offers alternative healthy recipes with the correct proportions of the ingredients. So you’ll not be giving up on your chicken and pasta savories, you’ll just be enjoying them healthily.

If you follow the included guidelines faithfully, Paleohacks Cookbooks promises you a stronger immune system, naturally-enhanced libido, improved mental clarity, clear eyes, young-looking skin, and increased muscles among other benefits.

The 7 ebooks

Book 1: The main book in the Paleohacks Cookbooks program is divided into 2 parts. The first book has 156 pages. It brings you 136 recipes. It covers everything from salads, soups, meat, snacks, sea foods, and omelets to deserts, pepper sandwiches, and noodle recipes.

Book 2: The second part of the main Paleohacks Cookbooks program brings you an extra 137 recipes. In addition, it includes Focaccias and condiments.

Book 3: Paleohacks 30-day jumpstart and Paleo Food guide, are more of an entry course to paleo diets. I would recommend you to peruse these first if you are new to this way of eating. It’s an eye-opener on what the paleo diet entails, what foods to eat, and the foods you need to steer away from. Importantly, they also offer you some basic tips and tricks on how to transit from your normal eating habits to the caveman’s diet.

Another reason that makes Paleohacks Cookbooks a cut above the rest is that it does not restrict you from eating out. For this, you get a detailed Guide on what to order in a restaurant.

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There’re times when you’ll need something different from what the Paleohacks Cookbooks recipes offer, right? That’s where the Paleo 4X Program comes in. It’ll direct you on how to create a customized 4-ingredient recipe without sabotaging your success.

Lastly, you get the Paleo Meal Plan. This ebook will make choosing foods for each day easy. In fact, it has an outline of what to eat (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for a whole month.

Paleohacks Cookbooks

Paleohacks Cookbooks: Pros

  • The biggest advantage with the Paleohacks Cookbooks program is that it makes adopting a paleo diet easy. It also shows you how to stick to the plan without being overly restrictive. The versatility of eating out is a brilliant idea here, isn’t it?
  • Additionally, Paleohacks Cookbooks program is also way affordable than other recipe books. Imagine getting all these books at 10 bucks!
  • The ingredients mentioned here are also easily affordable and available. So you’ll not only be living healthy but save your budget too.

On the downside…

The Paleohacks Cookbooks don’t contain images to show you how the suggested foods will be like after preparation. This was (in my opinion) in a bid to keep the ebooks affordable to all.


The Paleohacks cookbooks diet plan is a great way of eating healthy and keeping fit. It’s a program with invaluable tricks and tips on how to start enjoying great paleo diets and how to stick to the plan even when eating out.

The sweet spot is that Paleohacks Cookbooks is incredibly affordable at around 10 dollars. And it’s downloadable! Are you wondering what to prepare for dinner today? Download this book and get up to 300 fun and healthy recipes to choose from in 10 minutes!

Paleohacks Cookbooks also have a 60-day money back guarantee! Apparently, there’s no risk involved with this purchase. If you feel that Paleohacks Cookbooks ebooks are not worth it, just write to the team for a full refund.