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Steve and Beck Holman’s Old School New Body fitness program is a blast for people who are looking to lose weight. Most importantly Old School New Body targets folks at or beyond 40 years. It’s meant for people who have quite a tight schedule to fit in a 90-minute workout each day.

Besides being the best fitness program for the ever busy persons, it aims at offering you rapid results without overworking your muscles. It uses the ‘traditional’ principle of working out intensively but for a shorter time.

Old School New Body promises to change your body shape and weight in sessions of utmost 90 minutes per week (You got that right, 90 minutes/week). This is quite different from your usual 4-hour workout program in the gym. The argument for this is that excessive workouts tend to work against your body rather than shape it up.

On the official Old School New Body homepage, the author (a professional trainer) explains that uncontrolled workouts often lead to high aging rate among other downsides. On the contrary, this fitness program seeks to reduce your muscles’ aging rate (and literally reverse it!) without posing you to injury risks.

Let’s see WHY and HOW. But first…

Meet the Authors

The authors and trainers of Old School New Body are Steve and Becky Holman. What’s so intriguing about these authors is that they are the perfect examples of the results of faithfully following Old School New Body fitness program. As you can tell from the images on the ebook front page and all over the internet, these guys look fantastically fit, strong, well-sculpted, and way younger than they claim to be (50+ years!). Other than that, Steve is a writer in weight loss and nutrition niches, a fitness trainer, and the Chief Editor of Iron Man magazine.

How did Old School New Body come to be?

Though Steve has not revealed so much about this, he has pointed out in Old School New Body homepage that much of these tips were borrowed from the Iconic fitness master; Vince Gironda. Vince is a well-known trainer known for helping several Hollywood Stars like Apollo Creed and Clint Eastwood attain their body physique in a couple of days.

After his passing on, most of Vince’s works containing his SECRET TIPS to rapid bodybuilding were given to Iron Man magazine. It’s these secrets that Steve and Becky have condensed to create quick workout sessions.

old school new body

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What exactly is Old School New Body program?

The name says it all. This is a rather ‘traditional’ way of losing weight and achieving the body physique. Old School New Body is detailed and offers you professional step-to-step instructions on workouts and nutrition to achieve your weight and body shape goals easily.

This program uses the F4X (Focus-4 Exercises) protocol. Simply put, this is a unique method with slight variations to working out. F4X protocol has been proved to offer results fast and with minimal risks of injuries.

The F4X protocol comprises of 3 phases. Worth pointing out is that as the user, you can choose to start at any of the 3 phases depending on your level of fitness and body shape. On the same note, you can stop your training at any of the stages depending on the results that you were looking for.

Phase 1: F4X Lean

This section is all about losing those extra pounds that hang around your tummy and lower back. This is a workout and a meal plan to help you lose between 10 and 100 pounds easily. In this section, Old School New Body gives you 4 exercises that you’ll complete in 30 minutes only.

Some of the exercises that you’ll do in this phase include;

  • Dumbbell
  • Bent-over rows
  • Presses- both incline and bench
  • Squats

Uniquely, you only need to repeat the exercises 3 times in a week (30 minutes x3). The reason for the spread-out workout sessions is to give your muscles the time to heal from any possible injuries and also respond to the workouts in smooth transitions.

Phase 2: F4X Shape

As I did hint earlier, Old School New Body offers you optimum control over your workout and desired results. You can choose to terminate the course at stage 1 or engage gear 2 if you are after adding some lean muscle. There are some slight variations on the F4X protocol and the meal plan. However, this phase isn’t as extreme as the Lean, and the transition is smooth and easily noticeable.

Phase 3: F4X Build

The last phase in Old School New Body workout guide is the Build. You can proceed to this last stage if you love muscles. Here, Steve shows you how you can have some real good muscles to your body shape without using illegal drugs or overfeeding.

old school new body

Benefits of using Old School New Body fitness program

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It has short workouts

Old School New Body workout guide and the F4X protocol use high-intensity workouts. Consequently, you only require a few minutes for each workout session.

Works out for all

Another great benefit with the Old School New Body program is that it’s meant for everyone between 20-70 years of age. The exercises involved are easy to follow and are safe for all users.

It’s a professionally designed workout guide

A unique feature here is that Old School New Body has been masterminded by a fitness and nutrition expert. As such, you can be sure that the author has considered some factors like chronic pains and injuries while designing the program.

Comes with loads of bonuses

Upon downloading Old School New Body fitness program, you’ll receive several other free ebooks necessary for your fitness needs including;

  • Old School New Body Quick Start Guide
  • Old School New Body Health and Happiness Reports
  • Old School New Body Sex and Anti-aging reports
  • Old School New Body Muscle Building Reports
  • Old School New Body Fat-burning secrets

Has money back guarantee

In case you are skeptical about this guide, but the urge is too high to ignore, do know that there is no risk involved. You have up to 60 days of testing the program. You can always get a full-refund if you find it to be pure crap to your fitness needs.

My Verdict

Old School New Body is arguably the future of keeping fit in our ever busy schedules. Though it still demands some minimal changes in our lifestyle in terms of diet, Old School New Body is worthy the 27 bucks it costs. What’s so good about this program is that it does not take much of your time and offers super fast results. Again, it has tons of resourceful bonuses, and it has a money-back guarantee.

If you need a fitness program that you can easily stick to, Old School New Body is worth checking out.