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My Bikini Belly

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My Bikini Belly is all the rage at the moment. Well, not for everyone, but for ‘girls’ who are dangerously cruising past 35 years of age with a fat belly. This age specification is what makes the program special and worth our review.

The pivot point on which My Bikini Belly is formed is quite intriguing. According to the author, upon reaching 35 years, your menopause gene switches ON. Among other symptoms that come with this stage is vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and yes, weight gain. Weight gain comes as a result of an influx of menopause genes that;

  • Cause hormonal imbalance
  • Shrinks belly reducing hormone
  • Interferes with the rate of metabolism

Thus, you get a pile of fat that ruins the shape you had in your twenties. While most weight loss gurus seem to have a solution for every kind of weight problem, Shawna (MY Bikini Belly author) says that they have no way out here.

She states that menopause belly requires a different strategy to deal with since you are dealing with a gene in you that ‘thinks’ that you’re too old for a bikini. She says that this belly can’t be fought by;

  • Sweating bullets on your workouts
  • Killing yourself on the trend mill or
  • Starving yourself

In fact, she says that most exercises when carried out in the ‘wrong’ way tend not to reverse this situation but make it worse.

So how does she intend to help you lose the belly weight? Enter Metabolic Surge Training. This is the core of My Bikini Belly. It promises to help you lose those belly flaps in 21 days without subjecting you to gruesome workouts or hellish diets. Just in case you are wondering, this program works regardless of how far you are past the 35-year mark, your fitness level, and the amount of time you can set aside for workout.

Don’t get it twisted, though. It’s not magic or any other easy-come thing. Join us as we take you through all its nooks and crannies.

My Bikini Belly

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About the author

My Bikini Body is the work of one Canadian woman, Shawna Kaminski. Our in-depth research on the author of this program had some shocking revelations about her. She is a 52-year old with some good real-world and online presence.

But what is more appealing about here is that she looks almost 2 decades younger than she really is. In my opinion, this is the right person to tell other women how they can do away with their stubborn belly fat. Shawna is also a renowned athlete and fitness model. She boasts several titles rotating around this niche including Western Canadian Bodybuilding Winner. Moreover, Shawna is the founder, owner, and trainer in NW Fit Body Camp- a gym in Calgary. In fact, as you’ll find out in My Bikini Belly program, most of the videos have been shot in this gym.

About My Bikini Belly

My Bikini Belly is a revolutionary weight loss program designed to help women over 35 years of age achieve and maintain bikini bodies. This plan targets this age group since, at this age, menopause is a bit hard to control by typical exercises. Shawna suggests controlled and planned workouts that aim at minimizing the menopause genes and boosting metabolism.

How My Bikini Belly Works

This program has been presented in a very understandable and easy to follow way. It’s in the form of pdf manuals and 3 workout phases.

Manual 1: Quick Start Guide

This is basically an introduction to the program. Here, Shawna outlines how the program works. She also introduces you to the 3 phases in which the whole process is embedded. She also explains lots of tips on the intensity of the workouts and how to make the process easy.

Manual 2: Workout Manual

This pdf has a list of workout exercises that you’ll be carrying out in about 15 and 20 minutes each day.

Manual 3: Exercise Library

This is a detailed version of Manual 2. It’s a written guide on how to carry out each of the exercises listed in Manual 2 and which are illustrated in the videos. A good thing here is that you can follow the Exercise Library even without using the videos. It’s recommended that you follow the videos for optimum results though.

Manual 4: Sculpt Series

This manual has some additional workout programs for those who want to go the extra mile and burn some extra calories.

My Bikini Belly

The 3 Phases

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The pdf manuals above are written versions of the 3 phases of My Bikini Belly program.

1st Phase: Bikini Flesh Flush

The first phase aims at halting the release of the menopause gene. The essence here is to minimize the storage of fats around the body. This stage also triggers the release of anti-aging hormones that give you a burst of energy besides strengthening your hair, nails, and skin.

2nd Phase: Bikini Belly Burn

It’s here that you start melting the pounds. This phase also boosts the rate of metabolism. Worth mentioning, you also get to build some muscles alongside burning the fat.

3rd Phase: Bikini Belly Blast

This last phase mainly targets your lower belly. It boosts your metabolism higher so the body can continue burning the fats even 3 days after the exercise. Shawna also has a few tips here on how you can prevent bloating and excessive fatigue.

Benefits of My Bikini Body Program

My Bikini Belly is available in all video versions. The videos and PDFs can be viewed from a Smartphone or computer.

Again, Shawna explains and talks to you through the videos as 3 other ladies perform the workouts. There are annotations embedded in the video thereby making it much easier.

It targets women over 35 years regardless of their fitness level and does not require hours of exercises.

Interestingly, My Bikini Belly does not involve strenuous activities. In fact, you don’t need to make any gym subscription or invest on advanced gym equipment.

Lastly, My Bikini Belly is fairly priced. The price (around $37) is just a fraction of what you would pay in a gym. The juicy part here is that you are trained by an experienced woman, and the program promises results in days.


Are you struggling with belly fat? Are you thinking of a fitness program that will fit squarely into your tight schedule and that which won’t bring other expenses into your budget? That must be My Bikini Belly.

You could melt down your belly fat in utmost 3 weeks. Better enough, My Bikini Belly comes with a 60-day no questions full refund guarantee.