From Simple to Sexy, every blowdry is $35

Thick hair, thin hair, straight or curly, and we shampoo you too.

Extensions – additional charge of $10

Blowdry’s over 1 hour – add $10


Quickies $25

A touch-up, refresh and dry style.


SoTwisted $15 & Up

A variety of twists and braids


SoDeep $20 & Up

A deep conditioning treatment


SoChic $65 & Up



Private Parties
and Events

Please inquire.

Minimum of 4 people.

50% deposit required.

SoChill $15

A 10 minute rejuvenating

Scalp Massge


SoGrownUp $25

Just like Mommy’s.

For 10 and younger.


So… you come here often?

SoInLove 3-Pack of blowdrys $100
SoObsessed 6-Pack of blowdrys $195
SoSmart 10-Pack of blowdrys $300