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Fat Burning Kitchen

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Living a healthy life and maintaining the right weight is achieved by eating nutritional diets. Lack of nutritional diets or inadequate knowledge on the type of foods to take may lead to poor choices and ultimately unhealthy feeding and obesity.

According to Standford Health Care, obese people have a greater risk of developing health conditions like type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, joint problems, metabolic syndrome, psychosocial effects, respiratory problems and sleep apnea.

In the United States, it’s estimated that 31 percent of men and 35 percent of women are overweight. This can be traced down to poor diet and physical inactivity.

Losing weight and reducing the chances of several medical complications can be done through a more effective way. The Fat Burning Kitchen is a program designed to help people lose weight, burn off excess body fats and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a diet plan or nutritional eBook which provides you with adequate information on how to burn off excess body fats through healthy feeding.

This program provides you with well-researched and comprehensive information about your body and the best route taken to lose weight. You’ll also learn the right kind of foods to include in your diet and the wrong ones to avoid. This is a top quality nutritional program that will show you how to improve your body fitness and have a better shape.

About Author

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling, the creators of The Fat Burning Kitchen, are determined to offer people with useful information on how to lose weight and burn off excess belly fats.

Mike Geary is a licensed nutritionist, fitness author, and personal trainer. One of his books (best selling book) is The Truth About Six Pack Abs. Due to the detailed information outlined in the book, it gained worldwide recognition. Aside from his best selling books, Mike has authored leading magazines like Fitness, Oxygen and Muscle Magazines.

For more than two decades, Mike has been actively providing useful information about weight loss to the public. He has helped numerous prominent figures and celebrities lose weight and have been featured on various TV shows and newspapers.

Catherine Ebeling is a registered nurse, a certified personal trainer, and a fitness specialist. Catherine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from St. Louise University and Marketing from Ball State University.

For nearly three decades, Catherine has been an active figure in the health and fitness industry. She covers 200 kilometers on a weekly basis. This enables her to retain her shape and attractive body.

Her body shape and fitness proves her reliability and the effectiveness of her teaching. With her vast knowledge and insight of the weight loss strategy, Catherine exposes the core technique and method of losing weight in The Fat Burning Kitchen program.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is created with the sole purpose of helping individuals of all ages (especially those above 50 years) learn the right techniques for losing weight. You’ll also be given ways of identifying Fake health foods that are poisonous to your body cells, making it difficult to lose weight.

Created by a certified Nutrition Specialist and a worldwide best seller, The Fat Burning Kitchen program is guaranteed to help you lose weight as you improve your overall shape and well-being.

Fat Burning Kitchen

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What Is Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a simplified diet plan program that will help you reduce body fat, increase body metabolism and also discover the hidden facts about anti fat nutritional diets.

By following the simple steps outlined in this program, you’ll regain an energetic and youthful body with renewed skin appearance and proper bodily functions.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is the right program for anyone aiming to lose weight, maintain a moderate waistline, and have an energy level boost. You’ll also learn how to stimulate the natural fat burning chemicals in your body. By going through this program, you’ll be able to make the right choices on the type of diets that will be of great benefit to you as you lose weight.

The Fat Burning Kitchen also helps you understand the bad effects of foods like pasteurized soy and dairy, including ways these foodstuffs contribute to your inability of losing weight.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is divided into two phases. The first phase is comprised of the first ten chapters. It’s focused on foods and fake nutritional ingredients that make it difficult for you to lose weight. These foodstuffs and supplements have been shown to be of lesser value to the body.

Chapter one entitled “Foods made with refined flour and corn products” comprehensively elucidates the various kinds of refined foods, their effects on the human body and some other amazing facts.

Chapter two focuses on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and its effects on the human body. Research shows that HFCS and its toxic additives are causing more damage to the body. HFCS, which is embedded in most processed foods, can be easily converted to body fats.

Chapter three introduces you to bad fats to avoid. The body needs fat – the right kinds of fats for its normal functions. According to the chapter, some of the fats to avoid are vegetable oils, Crisco, Margarines and trans fats.

Chapter four highlights the effects of artificial sweeteners and sugars. Thorough elucidation of the health effects of artificial sweeteners and sugars are extensively covered.

Fat Burning Kitchen

The true functions and contents of the pasteurized dairy, farm raised fish and commercially raised meats are outlined in chapter five and six. These two chapters expose you to the terrible conditions and ill effects of these foods.

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Soy milk (which are not truly beneficial to the health) are discussed in chapter seven.

Other essential information is revealed in chapters eight to ten, where energy drinks, energy bars, processed foods and diet desserts are discussed. The remaining thirteen chapters show you ways of identifying healthy foodstuffs and products. Natural and top quality products are identified, their health benefits are outlined and other useful information is provided.

Aside from the main program – The Fat Burning Kitchen, special bonuses are offered. These bonuses provide added advantage to help you build a better body shape and live a healthy life.

Benefits of The Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen is designed to help people lose weight as they build healthy lifestyles. Some of the amazing benefits obtainable from this program are

  • Simplicity. This eBook is written in simple language and no special skill is required for easy and quick comprehension of the writing.
  • The program is created by two experts. The creators of The Fat Burning Kitchen are nutritional experts. This makes it a reliable program as all questions are answered and you’re guaranteed of success.
  • You’ll learn how to lose weight, control hunger and improve your overall well-being.
  • Success guarantee. Due to the effectiveness of this program, you’ll be able to make your purchase on a risk-free basis. This is to ascertain that you maximize the program for your personal benefit.
  • Special bonus such as The advanced nutritional fat-burning blueprint is offered for FREE. This bonus explains some unique fat burning techniques.
  • And much more.


Developing the right body shape is critical for your proper physical and psychological well- being.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is designed to educate you on the various kinds of foods, ways of identifying the right diets and other effective strategies to transform you into the best version of yourself.