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All Natural Kidney Health

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All Natural Kidney Health is one of the most holistic approaches to treating kidney disease. Kidney disease and precisely Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the most dreaded diseases around the globe. But what’s more worrying is that this disease never receives the attention it requires.

What most potential kidney sufferers don’t know is that Chronic Kidney Disease manifests itself in 5 stages. Unfortunately, the early phases (1-3) don’t show any noticeable symptoms. Most people come to realize it when the situation is worse and their kidneys are almost closing business- Kidney Failure.

But the bad news is that there are only 2 ways of treating kidney failure;

Dialysis- Dialysis is done when you have 85%-90% kidney function failure, and you have a GFR of <15. This process tries to maintain your body balance by removing waste and chemicals to prevent them from building up.

Though Dialysis may prove a lifesaver, to some extent, it is a process that goes on for the rest of your life. It involves being chained to a machine, lots of painful injections, and spending most of your time alone.

Kidney transplant- the only way to evade the dialysis machine (which is not easy) is by getting a kidney transplant. This process is long and involves numerous blood tests. The worst thing is that to qualify for a kidney transplant, the disease needs to be so severe.

Again, the United Network for Organ Sharing tends to favor young people the most. This is quite saddening considering that kidney failure is more common in people above 50 years of age. Moreover, even after a successful transplant, you’ll have to undergo numerous evaluations to ensure that the kidney is fully functional. You’ll also have to pay for immunosuppressant medicine to prevent the kidney from being rejected. Unfortunately, these anti-rejection medications could also increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure levels.

You can clearly tell by now that kidney failure disease is treacherous and so expensive to treat, right?

So are you totally doomed?

Not at all!

What if you heard of a remedy for reversing your kidney condition without leaving your home? How much could you pay for it, any amount, right?
Enter All Natural Kidney Health; a program that will guide you on how to reverse your kidney functions without the use of chemicals or having to travel around the globe.

First things first..

All Natural Kidney Health

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Meet the Author of All Natural Kidney Health

The book, All Natural Kidney Health is the work of Robert Galarowicz. Robert learned that he had level 5 chronic kidney disease at the age of 22. Day after day, his condition worsened until he had to be put on dialysis. As he puts it on All Natural Kidney Health official website, Robert suffered excruciating pain, paralysis, fatigue, and depression for close to 2 ½ years.

Lucky enough, he got a kidney transplant but not without his body rejecting the new organ at first. So he had to be put on anti-rejection drugs which induced excessive fatigue, anxiety, acid reflux, and frequent colds. After these traumatic experiences, Robert embarked on an in-depth research to identify what caused his kidney failure. He wanted to know whether anything would be done.

Sure enough, he has discovered several tips that are not learned in medical schools. This is what led him to write All Natural Kidney Health.

Today, Robert is a Naturopath and experienced nutritionist. He helps people reverse their kidney health naturally without the need for dialysis. Besides All Natural Kidney Health, he has written several other books on kidney health and nutrition.

About All Natural Kidney Health

All Natural Kidney Health program is an e-book with a step-to-step guide on how to improve your kidney’s health naturally. However, Robert states that All Natural Kidney Health isn’t meant to replace your medical treatment. It works as a complement.

This program targets all people regardless of the level of kidney disease. In fact, even those who don’t suffer from kidney failure could benefit from this program. This is because, unlike other programs, All Natural Kidney Failure does not involve the use of drugs.

It’s more of a switch to a lifestyle that will help you improve your kidney’s heath while eliminating the need for a possible kidney failure, dialysis, and kidney transplant.

One thing that gives All Natural Kidney Health an edge over other kidney health programs is the holistic approach that Robert has used in it. This program not only teaches you how to improve your kidney health. It also shows you how to prevent kidney failure by alerting you of some seemingly ‘healthy’ lifestyles that could lead to kidney malfunction.

All Natural Kidney Health

How does All Natural Kidney Health work?

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In this 134-page ebook, Robert explains about some foods that destroy your kidneys. The book also has a list of foods that you should eat in order to boost your kidney health. Moreover, All Natural Kidney Health has tips on how you can alleviate your mood and boost your energy levels naturally without the use of drugs.

Benefits of All Natural Kidney Health program

Among other things, this program will reveal to you:

  • 4 types of cooking oils that help in preventing kidney damage
  • Appropriate cooking methods to prevent kidney diseases
  • Type of antioxidants that help prevent kidney cell damage
  • How to manage diabetes and HBP
  • A list of common prescription drugs that increase your risk of kidney disease and kidney failure
  • A guide on how to understand food labels for a healthy diet
  • Kidney health friendly diet plan
  • How to eat healthily in restaurants

Lots of Bonuses included

Despite its throw away price, All Natural Kidney Health also comes with a whole lot of bonuses:

  • All Natural Kidney Health Diet Plan- has easy-to-follow menu plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All Natural Kidney Health Grocery Shopping list
  • Definitive Guide to foods rich in Potassium
  • Definitive Guide to foods rich in Protein
  • All Natural Kidney Health Diet Tracking Sheet


All Natural Kidney Health program is a life-saving guide that anyone in need of reversing their kidney health should have. This guide is well-written, easy to understand, and highly affordable. Importantly, All Natural Kidney Health has helped numerous other patients. Not mentioning, it has also received lots of support from doctors and other health experts.

How much does it cost? This book costs around $120. However, it’s currently available at 67 dollars only. Even better, All Natural Kidney Health comes with a rock-solid 2-month satisfaction or money back guarantee.