3 Week Diet Review

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3 week diet

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Is Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet another ‘get thin quick’ scheme? Well, if you are a proponent of healthy nutrition and controlled weight loss systems like me, you’d be the first to scream a big YES here. A research study by the American College of Sports Medicine explains that rapid weight loss could do you more harm than good. However, further studies endorse that you can embark on a fast weight loss mission and still reap long-lasting benefits provided you do it in a healthy and controlled way.

It’s on this ground that Brian Flatt has engineered a 3 week diet plan that promises to help you shed off up to 23 pounds in just 3 weeks. Heck! That sounds too good to be true, right? But don’t shy it off like any other baseless weight loss idea just yet. Thousands of other pudgy and overweight people who were also skeptical at first are already living their dreams thanks to Brian’s 3 week diet program.

So who says that you could not be the next beneficiary of these great ideas? But I know that you won’t just take these words for it. For this reason, join me as we go into the finer details that make this 3 week diet program a silver bullet for your weight loss tips.
But first, let’s meet Brian Flatt, the author behind the 3 week diet.

About the Author

There is one thing that proves the legitimacy of the 3 week diet plan; the author isn’t another robot with no valid online presence as we’ve seen in other scams. You can connect with him on Tweeter, Instagram, and on Facebook. Even better, he has included his personal email address in the book should you want to reach him personally.

Brian Flatt is a well-known sports nutritionist, a health coach, and a fitness trainer based in Southern California. He says that he has been in the nutrition and fitness niche for more than 25 years. With more than 2 decades of research and observation, Brian has emerged to be one of the most popular nutrition and fitness speakers across America.

Brian affirms that he came up with the 3 week diet plan after a 14-year research. He says that the process involved research, experiments, and digging into other proposed diet plans and picking the best of each. If other weight loss enthusiasts’ positive reviews and comments are anything to go by, then Brian’s 14-year research didn’t go to waste.

Besides the 3 week diet book, this author has also published another 2 week diet regimen for those who seek to shed off fat in the least time possible.

3 week diet

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What is included in the 3 week diet plan?

The 3 week diet regimen is a downloadable ebook that you can read from most of your devices. The book is divided into 4 easily understandable phases that will guide you in a systematic weight loss plan.

1st Phase: Preparation Stage

The thing with this 3 week diet is that the rubber meets the road from the word go. The first phase is what could be termed as the Preparation stage. This phase alone will take 7 days. It involves detoxifying the liver and other toxins in the body. Here, Brian Flatt recommends a wide array of vegetables and lean proteins.

He also advises you to take several vitamin supplements including Vitamins A, C, and E. These will help in maintaining high insulin levels and boosting your body’s adrenal activity. Consequently, you’ll be burning 1-2 pounds from day 1.

For those who might be wondering, this phase does not involve eating weird foods. Brian has outlined up to 17 vegetables all that are readily available and inexpensive. So you can manage the 3 week diet plan without taking your budget to the north.

2nd Phase

The second phase of the 3 week diet involves some controlled fasts and eating at a particular time. This stage allows your stomach to rest for some time while continuing with the detoxification process.

3rd Phase

In the third stage, Brian Flatt suggests several diets containing fat. The essence here is to trigger the liver to burn more of your body fat. Notably, this phase targets fats around your belly and buttocks.

4th Phase

The last phase involves some exercises, controlled diet, and manually calculating your BMR. About the exercises, you need not make any gym subscription if your budget or schedule does not allow it. The 3 week diet plan package includes a workout manual that will guide you through a series of exercises that you can carry out easily at home.

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As I have just hinted, this phase also includes calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate at different intervals. Depending on your findings- the results here vary from one person to another- this phase will recommend the right amount of calories that you should take to see that you realize the 3 week diet plan’s goals effectively.

3 week diet

What are the advantages of the 3 week diet plan?

Experience rapid weight loss

The thing with this program is that you start losing weight from day one. Unlike other programs where the user waits for months before seeing the results, the 3 week diet plan offers observable results since day 1.

The plan is wholly science-based

Another reason why you need to buy this 3 week diet plan is that it’s all science-based. The diet comprises of readily-available and well-known foods that can be obtained from your local grocery. It also talks of supplements that you’ll easily find from most drugs store. Again, Brian Flatt has gone ahead to quote observations and findings from several other nutritionists, fitness experts, and trainers.

Rapid and long-lasting benefits

Importantly, this 3 week diet plan has long-lasting benefits. So you won’t be losing your good looks after the 21 days. You are free to eat whatever you want after the program. However, it’s advisable to revisit the plan in case you feel that you’re becoming pudgy again.

Get your money back!

In my opinion, this is the sweetest spot of this 3 week diet plan. In case you are skeptical about it but you still need to shed off some pounds within a few weeks, you can try it out and get your bucks back if you don’t see the results within the specified time.

What gym or any other fitness program gives you such an assurance?

Wrapping it Up

It’s a well-known fact that hitting the gym and sticking to a diet plan helps in controlling our body weight. However, as most fitness experts will tell you, not any other diet does the trick. That’s where Brian Flatt’s 3 week diet comes in. This is a product of 14-year research from a nutrition expert and fitness pro. It is wholly science-based and does not involve dangerous fasts and exercises.

The 3 week diet plan has earned itself a name in the weight loss niche, of course, because it does what it promises. There are thousands of positive reviews from its past users and very few negative reports.

Worth pointing out, we have seen the 3 week diet program sell at over 90 bucks. So getting it at its current price point ($47) is a real steal. Even better, this 3 week diet plan comes with a 60-day refund guarantee!